Although the Lackawanna Coalition has a Membership Committee, it never had a chair until this year. I previously served in the position of Secretary, and I will now serve in this new capacity. I will give a presentation on plans for recruitment in the near future.


What are duties of the Membership Committee? The duties are keeping the membership roll of the Lackawanna Coalition and actively recruiting new individual members and encouraging municipalities and counties to appoint representatives. Although the first duty is fairly simple, it is my intention to improve the quality, quantity, and implementation of the data in the membership roll. These improvements should help our organization run more smoothly and make communication more effective. I hope that it will provide assistance with the recruitment of new members too.


Recruitment of new members is no small task. I plan to address the problems of demographics within our organization in relation to the riders of our lines of concern. We currently lack individual members from transit-heavy areas, such as Morristown, Summit, Orange, East Orange, and Newark. Many of these municipalities have not appointed a representative to send to the Lackawanna Coalition. We will try to improve our relations with them in 2018.




Last year's outreach campaign of Coffee and Commuting was successful. It was effective in talking with riders and actually getting a few new members. I hope that doing another Coffee and Commuting event in 2018 produces similar results. I believe that informing potential members of our accomplishments will at least demonstrate that we are effective and serious in improving public transportation in our state.