New Jersey has lost one of its strongest voices for better transit. After more than 60 years of fighting for transit, William R. Wright of Cranford left us earlier this summer. He was not a member of the Lackawanna Coalition, but he belonged to many other organizations: the North Jersey Transportation Advisory Committee, the Senior Citizens and Disabled Residents Transportation Advisory Committee, the Union County Transportation Advisory Board, the New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers (NJ-ARP), the Raritan Valley Rail Coalition, a group interested in railroad history and the local Railroad Retirement Board. He started his career 65 years ago with the Atlantic Coast Line, promoting the company’s crack trains to Florida like the Champion and the Florida Special.

Until recently, Bill sent letters to elected officials, accusing them of complicity with the highway, oil and automobile industries, which limited mobility for Americans who did not have an automobile. He always sent copies of those letters, typed on an old manual typewriter and replete with typing errors, to his colleagues in the advocacy community, including this writer.

Bill’s fame did not spread beyond New Jersey, but he will always be remembered for his sayings. He said: “Not all tourists drive, but all tourists spend money” and “A fare increase is a tax increase!” Bill’s bestknown saying was “If you don’t drive, you don’t count!” Nobody has summarized the plight of the American non-motorist more succinctly