• New Jersey Transit: They operate the service on our Morris & Essex and Montclair-Boonton Rail Lines, as well as all of the other rail lines, light rail and most of the bus service in New Jersey. This includes rail and bus service into New York City and bus service to Philadelphia. www.njtransit.com
  • PATH (Port Authority Trans Hudson): PATH trains are operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and operate between the two states. PATH trains connect with our M&E and Montclair-Boonton Line trains at Hoboken. They take our riders to the Financial District, the Village and lower Midtown in Manhattan, as well as Jersey City and Newark. www.panynj.gov
  • Amtrak: Our national rail passenger network, connecting with our rail lines at Penn Station, New York. Amtrak operates service in the Northeast Region to Boston, Washington and intermediate points, as well as branches to Harrisburg and Springfield, Massachusetts. There is also service to New York State and long-distance trains to Canada, Chicago, Florida and New Orleans. Other trains connect at Chicago and New Orleans for the West Coast. www.amtrak.com
  • New York City Transit:. From Penn Station, you can go anywhere in the City on the subways and buses. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which operates transit in the City, also operates the Long Island Rail Road, Metro North Rail Road and buses on Long Island. www.mta.info
  • The American Public Transportation Association: (APTA) is the trade association for the transit industry. APTA’s web site has all the information you will ever want about transit in the US and Canada, as well as links to all local transit web sites and many sites for transit advocacy groups in other states. www.apta.com


  • New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers (NJ-ARP):NJ-ARP is our sister organization and has been concerned with rail issues on a statewide basis since 1980. Their site contains “hotline” updates and other information about the rail scene in the Garden State. www.njarp.org
  • Regional Rail Working Group:This is an alliance of rail advocates in New York and New Jersey, whose goal is improved service on a region-wide basis. The Lackawanna Coalition is a member of the alliance, which includes local and statewide organizations. www.rrwg.org
  • National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP):NARP is the largest and oldest national rail advocacy organization, dedicated to the preservation and improvement of rail service on Amtrak and the development of new long-distance and corridor rail services. Several Coalition members are active at NARP and former Coalition Chair Albert L. Papp serves as Vice President of NARP. www.narprail.org
  • Rail Users’ Network (RUN): RUN is a national organization that advocates for improvements in local transit, as well as for an improved experience on Amtrak trains. Advocacy coalitions, transit advisory committees and individual rail advocates all comprise the membership of RUN. www.railusers.net
  • Save Our Stops: Protesting service cuts to Mount Tabor Station - The community of Mount Tabor has started a campaign for the restoration of trains tht were eliminated from the schedule, an initiative which we support. http://www.saveourstops.com/


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National Railway Historical Society: www.nrhs.com

Tri-State Chapter: www.tri- state-rail-history.org

Jersey Central Chapter: www.jcrhs.org

North Jersey Chapter: www.nojerseynrhs.homestead.com