When we reported to you about the hearings that will give you an opportunity to be heard about the trains that have been removed from the schedule on our lines, we also reported that the event will take place at Morris Township Hall; a venue that is not transit-accessible.  We now have good news for you: even if you depend on transit: you can still get there.

Morris Township, in cooperation with the Lackawanna Coalition, will offer transportation from Convent Station to Morris Township Hall and back next Monday, March 11, for the event.  The town will make two trips with the van, for early and late commuters, with two trips back to Convent Station.  Both trips are scheduled to connect with eastbound and westbound trains, so attendees who need a ride will have access from all points on the Morris & Essex Line.  The hearing is scheduled to start at 6:00, and the early run will get you there in time for the beginning of the event.

The early run will leave Convent Station at 5:45 pm, connecting with the 4:43 train from Penn Station, New York (which connects with the 4:27 train from Hoboken at Summit) and the 5:15 train from Dover.  The late run will leave at 6:50 pm, connecting with the 5:49 train from New York (which connects with the 5:33 train from Hoboken at Summit) and the 6:20 train from Dover.  Returning, the early run of the van will leave Town Hall at 7:10, connecting with the 7:24 train to New York and the 7:35 train to Dover.  The late run will leave Town Hall at 8:00 and connect with the 8:16 train to Dover and the 8:19 train to Penn Station, New York.  For connections to Hoboken and other stops, please consult the Morris & Essex Line timetable or check on NJ Transit's web site, www.njtransit.com.

We thank Township Administrator Timothy Quinn, Council Member Catherine Wilson and the town's representative on the Lackawanna Coalition, Robert Drucker.  This is a great example of how a town can use its resources to help people who need that assistance.  We hope that this will be the first of many examples of such cooperation between our towns and the advocates for our transit riders.

Space is limited.  The van holds 15 riders, and there are only two runs available, so persons who depend on public transportation will have priority.  If you wish to be sure that there will be room for you, we suggest that you contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We will be at Convent Station before both departures to assist you.  The van is not accessible to all passengers with disabilities, since it cannot accommodate wheelchairs, but Morris Township and the Lackawanna Coalition are working together to help you get to this important hearing if you do not have access to an automobile.