Late-evening inbound riders from Morris County stations on the Morris & Essex (M&E) Line have lost their last train from Dover for awhile, but they have not lost their mobility.  Thanks to the efforts of the Lackawanna Coalition and the cooperation of NJ Transit managers, these riders will not be stranded.

Train #684, the 11:30 pm departure from Dover for Hoboken, along with a number of other trains, was eliminated from the schedule starting Monday, October 15th.  The same train was also eliminated in 2015, and the Lackawanna Coalition fought to have it returned to the schedule.  Currently, the last inbound train leaves Dover at 10:29; the earliest in living memory.  To avoid having late-evening Morris County riders stranded, we asked NJ Transit to run a bus from Dover and other stations in the county to Summit, where they could catch the last train toward Newark and Hoboken.

On Monday, October 15th, the first weekday without the late train from Dover, we received word from NJ Transit that a Lakeland bus will leave Dover at 11:30 on weeknights, stop at all stations previously on the schedule of Train #684, and drop riders at Summit.  There they can catch Train #442, the last train from Gladstone to Hoboken, which is scheduled to leave Summit at 12:37.  Train #442 makes all stops.  The entire trip will take about 30 minutes longer than it took on Train #684, but there is an indoor waiting room at Summit, and NJ Transit assures us that the trains which have been eliminated from the schedule will return in January, after Positive Train Control (PTC) is installed.  Until then, the riders who must do without Train #684 will not be stranded.  Week-end schedules are not affected by this change.

We thank Paul Wyckoff, NJ Transit’s Chief of Government and External Affairs, and Mike Kilcoyne, VP for Bus Operations, for their prompt response to our request and for implementing a solution that will prevent our constituents from being stranded until the next morning.

This is a victory for the Lackawanna Coalition and our constituents, as well as a good example of a positive result achived through cooperation between the Coalition and NJ Transit management.