In 2016, 27 year old Ramsey resident Thomas "Tommy" Ryan died in a train accident as he was trying to catch a Hoboken-bound train. A bill making its way through the state legislature in Trenton would provide crisis counseling for the families of victims killed in NJ Transit accidents, according to reporting by Tom Nobile (April 10) for the North Jersey Record. Ryan's death was ruled an accident, but the family reported that its interactions with state detectives were "sparse and unsympathetic." Police detectives are the normal point of contact for next of kin in such tragedies. The unhappy experience of Ryan's uncle Jamie Ryan, which included difficulty in securing the return of Tommy Ryan's personal effects, led Jamie Ryan to launch a personal crusade, which included lobbying then-governor Chris Christie and state Sen. Gerry Cardinale (R-Demarest), who sponsored the bill, S-862.  The bill would provide aid for the relatives of anyone injured or killed in an accident involving NJT trains or buses, provides for skilled counselors who would interact with family, and the return of personal belongings. The bill cleared the Senate Transportation Committee in late March and currently awaits action by the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. Meanwhile, NJT has acted to improve safety at the site of the accident, the Main Street grade crossing in Ramsey, including improved signals and audible warnings, and "gate skirts" which drop down and discourage pedestrians from ducking underneath lowered gates.