Recently, crumbling retaining walls near the Summit station interrupted service twice on the Gladstone Branch of NJ Transit, leaving commuters without inbound service for two weekday rush hours. Temporary repairs got the trains running the next day in each case, but NJT executive director Steve Santoro said on Wednesday, Oct. 11, that there are other places on the Morris & Essex lines that are troublesome and may need repair, according to reporting by Curtis Tate for the Gannett papers (Courier-News, Oct. 13).  Santoro cited particular concerns regarding the Roseville junction in Newark of the Morris & Essex and Montclair-Boonton lines, and near the Bay Street station in Montclair on the Montclair line. Additional reporting by Larry Higgs in the Star-Ledger (Oct. 12) disclosed that long-term plans at Summit include reconfiguring tracks there so that Gladstone Branch trains can use Morristown Line tracks through the crumbling wall area, allowing repairs to proceed without disrupting train service, and that NJT is now saying that in one or more of the earlier incidents in which trains apparently struck the concrete wall, it was actually an electrical junction box that was struck.   In Higgs' article, Lackawanna Coalition chair David P. Alan was quoted as saying "Some parts of the wall at Summit have already deteriorated and we don't know what will fail next," adding that the Lackawanna Railroad's use of concrete was an "engineering marvel" of the time, in the early 20th Century.

Repairs continue at Summit, where NJT continues to remove loose sections of the retaining wall, which dates from 1902.  At Roseville, the situation is similar: large portions of the wall have crumbled near the tracks.