If you are a commuter, we want to know about your concerns, and we will soon be coming to you!

Our new initiative is called "Coffee and Commuting" and we will start on Thursday, August 17th, with a visit to Short Hills Station during morning commuter hours.  We will start before 6:30 and we will stay until after 9:00.  So look for our table near the entrance to the station, have a cup of coffee (which we will provide), and tell us what you would like to see happen on our railroad, and what we can do to help improve your commute and all your other transit use.  This will be a good opportunity to meet us and find out about what we are doing to improve your transit experience.

After our Short Hills visit, we plan to be at other stations in September.  So come to Short Hills on Thursday morning, August 17th, and have "Coffee and Commuting" with us!