By now you know this summer will be difficult for you, our riders, as track work at Penn Station will send most of our weekday trains to Hoboken.  We know this will make your trip more difficult, especially if you currently commute to Penn Station, New York on Midtown Direct trains.

We will continue to do everything we can to make the summer as painless as possible for you.  We have been fighting for you concerning this summer's service changes since we first learned about them. 

John Bobsin has been working hard to keep you informed on this web site, and we commend him for this much-needed and very valuable effort.  We will be glad to share whatever information we have that will take some of the pain out of your summer trips and commuting.  We will do the best we can to keep you informed in a manner that will improve your transit experience.  Please continue to check with us here on this site, and read our newsletter, the Railgram.

We thank you for your interest, and we hope you will join the Lackawanna Coalition, so you can help us to advocate for better transit for YOU.