Citing a "crisis" and New York's Penn Station, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wrote President Trump on May 21, asking that the President recognize the situation as an emergency and therefore provide funds to fix the problem. Cuomo wrote, "I request that the federal government treat this as an emergency situation and provide funding for the short-term Penn construction and transportation alternatives and facilitation of a long-term resolution for Penn Station." Cuomo cited the large number of users of Penn Station, noting that more than half of them are New Yorkers using the Long Island Rail Road, the "deplorable condition" of what he called "the state of disrepair," and the projected impact of "emergency" repairs now scheduled by Amtrak. He lamented that "only now" has Amtrak announced the severity of service cuts that will be necessary to undertake the repairs, scheduled for two intervals in July and August, and likely to continue again in 2018. Cuomo said he foresees a "summer of agony." The letter went on to question Amtrak's ability to manage and operate the station, and expressed Cuomo's support for extensive investment in a new, improved station complex, which Cuomo said could be part of what President Trump has proposed as a one-trillion-dollar nationwide infrastructure improvement program.

The letter from Gov. Cuomo can be read here.