NJ Transit has announced that substitute buses will begin operation on weekends on the Gladstone Branch between Summit and Gladstone, effective Sunday, March 19 and continuing until some time in the fall. This substitution has become an almost-annual event and allows work on the railroad track and overhead wires; a major part of the work is the replacement of the original wooden poles that support the overhead wires with more permanent steel supports.  New paper timetables for the revised service are available. Inbound travelers will find two bus services, one serving Murray Hill and New Providence, and the other serving all other stops.  (It is unclear how passengers boarding at outlying stations who want to travel to Murray Hill or New Providence would be accommodated, but bus drivers have usually been accommodating to special needs; the bus from Gladstone passes by the New Providence station, and at Murray Hill the driver will probably drop passengers on request on Springfield Avenue, albeit some distance from the Murray Hill rail station.)  Note that inbound departure times are typically some time earlier than the regular train departure times, and that bus stops are in some cases several blocks from the rail station.  A description of the service, including a list of the bus stops, can be found here. The bus service will also operate on holidays, except that a special train service will operate on Tuesday, July 4, and on October 21 for the Far Hills Steeplechase event.

NJT also announced that midday bus substitution will be in effect on weekdays from July 10 through August 31; this has also been the custom in recent years.