Two months after the fatal Sept. 29 crash at Hoboken in which an incoming train inexplicably increased its speed and crashed through its end-of-track bumper block, another inbound train derailed as it was entering the terminal on Sunday, Dec. 4, as reported by Larry Higgs for NJ Advance Media on Dec. 7 (and published in the Star-Ledger on Dec. 8). This train was apparently moving within speed limits, which had been reduced from 10 mph to 5 mph following the September crash, and crew actions were apparently not at fault in this case, according to an NJT spokesperson. No injuries were reported on the train, which had left Waldwick at 11:35 a.m.  Mechanical factors are being investigated, which raises the possibility that neglected maintenance may have been a factor.  Mechanical problems are increasingly blamed for delays on the NJT rail system, which have become an almost daily occurrence for commuters.  The rate of mechanical failures on the NJT system has been reported as higher than that on other commuter rail networks.