In an editorial (Nov. 2), the Star-Ledger has attacked NJ Transit, the state of New Jersey, and the Governor over NJT's lack of maintenance, conflicting statements, and NJT's new executive director's failure to appear at recent legislative hearings on the transit agency. Citing National Transit Database data, the newspaper said that NJT posted more mechanical failures than any other commuter rail operator in 2015; by comparison, NJT had five times the failures of the other regional operators, Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North, terming these statistics as "another red-letter day for Team Christie."  The Star-Ledger said NJT's "reputation is bruised, its integrity compromised," and cited NJT's Executive Director Steven Santoro's failure to appear at recent hearings in Trenton; Santoro claimed his presence was required at a meeting with federal officials that day, but the Feds later said that their meeting could easily have been moved. The Star-Ledger said "the folks from Gov. Christie's patronage pit didn't show."  Santoro is now scheduled to appear in Trenton this Friday, Nov. 4; the Star-Ledger advised him to "pack a lunch," and to expect a lot of questions, including explaining Transportation Commissioner Richard Hammer's claim that NJT has adequate funding -- in the face of plenty of evidence that it does not; on progress or lack thereof on implementation of Positive Train Control and critical infrastructure projects such as the Portal Bridge replacement; NJT's "horrendous maintenance record;" and the "high rate of drug and alcohol related incidents involving NJT personnel."  The editorial also advised Santoro to expect questions on his failure to appear at the previous hearing, and mused that Santoro's absence was on direct orders from Gov. Christie, quoting Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg: "The new director either received inappropriate advice or inappropriate orders."